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Research/Cogent Tachometer for one dryer 085131-002 Videojet, MCS, Secap, KR

  • $275.0
  • Speed Dri Drying Systems Research/Cogent Tachometer For One Dryer 085131-002 Tach O Rings and Mounting Bracket You will receive what is in Pictures No cable from tach to dryer would need to buy from Cogent Question 952-829-8255

Pitney Bowes DA 750 Addressing Printer w/W760 conveyor and dryer

  • $2000.0
  • This is a used Pitney Bowes DA 750 Addressing Printer and W760 Conveyor and Dryer. This machine was in operation until small in house mail shop closed. I have manuals also to go with these machines. PLEASE READ ALL MY TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE BIDDING!!!!!!!!!! Graphic Equipment Specialist, Inc. 601 Research Road Richmond, VA 23236 Phone: (804) 379-2790 Policies & Terms How to Contact Us: Pl ...  More

MCS Array Inkjet 6" Print Kirk Rudy Base Adpho Dryer

  • $22999.0
  • Check out our Equipment Inventory http://selectdirectinc.com/ MCS Inkjet 6" Print Kirk Rudy Base Includes For Sale is an MCS Array Inkjet. It has a 4" Head and a 2" Head total of 6" Print. Software is Version 3.5 Windows XP (Dongle) The inkjet comes with Kirk Rudy Base Shuttle Feeder. Adalpho Dryer on RSI Base. All Reasonable Offers will be considered. Please call 951-352-7771 or 714-720-6303 with ...  More

Domino L400 addressing line, Dryer conveyor software and 4 inchs of print

  • $9500.0
  • Domino L400 Full Addressing Line This unit has everything you need to get started, Feeder table print heads L400 < these can be sold by themselves if someone is interested Bulk ink unit Flex mail software for head drivers, with PC IR Dryer unit Conveyor system We are upgrading our Buskro, MCS and Doimino Line to a Kirk Rudy system, that's why were a changing this out. The unit has been in produ ...  More

Hasler Neopost Rena CNV3F 3 foot Conveyor with DRYK1 dryer

  • $700.0
  • Nice 3 foot Neopost conveyor with Dryer. This is an excellent deal.......

Hasler Neopost HJCNV4FLR 4 foot Conveyor (Left to Right) w/ 1000W Dryer HJDRYK1

  • $699.99
  • Item Description Hasler Neopost HJCNV4FLR 4 foot Conveyor (Left to Right) w/ 1000W Dryer HJDRYK1 This is a Hasler 4 foot conveyor with 1000W dryer that was used for a mass mailing address printer. It shows some wear from use but still runs fine. Both front fans are working as well as the conveyor speed control. There are a couple dents and a small crack in the frame (see photos). The drop tray is ...  More